About Us

Hex3D is a small 3D Printing and Design company located on the Mid North Coast, NSW Australia.

We have been heavily involved in the 3D printing industry for over five years and offer over twenty-five years of 2D/3D graphic design, ready at your disposal. Originally specialising in Quadcopter parts and accessories, as we grew so did our machines!

We currently run ten 3D printers 24/7 with a few on backup in case the load is ever too much, and of course will expand if we feel the need.




Of our array of printers, we have two large format machines, one capable of prints(X,Y,Z)  40cmx40xmx45cm and another capable of 30cmx30cmx60cm  - yes, over half a metre tall. Large machines come in handy especially when printing either large batches of items or large items themselves, such as helmets and armor. We do generally cut files for printing so it can be done on multiple machines faster, but it's up to you - we can print most helmets in a single print.



We print primarily in PLA, ABS, Carbon Fibre, Wood substitute. We can print PETG and other 'tough' materials on request (+stocking fee)


Finishing and Painting

Unless specified, plain prints are generally not finished/sanded. We remove all support structures (if any) at no extra charge, but sanding and painting will incur a surcharge, please enquire online