3D Print Services


(Our sample Cabinet)



We have been building and running 3D printing services for over five years now and have gained a large amount of industry knowledge. In short, we know 3D printing.

With some of our older machines reachine near 8000 hours of printing, you can rest assure that we have it under control. Quality is important to us too and all parts are quality checked before shipping.

Besides supplying prints of designs we have been comissioned to complete, we also offer a printing service. Prices are dependant on each job so please contact us and select the 3D Printing Quote option.

We currently have 12 printers running 24/7 and are constantly upgrading our printer farm. The types of things we print for customers vary greatly, but some of the more common things we print regularly are:

* Figures and Busts

* Cosplay Items

* Custom Board games

* 3D Printer Parts (custom or complete kits)

* Vases and ornamental items


We build printers too!

We love 3D printing (which you probably hadn't guess already... ) and building them is all part of the fun!

If you are thinking about designing your own printer, or need parts printed for one please contact us!