Do you like making custom costumes? We do!

From a Galaxy far far away, to the city of Windhelm to a Planet of the Apes inspired Power Ranger (don't laugh.. we have had stranger requests..) we will do our best to ensure your costume not only looks the best but fits well too.

We will go through all required measurements with you along the way from head to toe. Elbow joints and moving limbs also accounted for, we will make sure walking around that convention for hours won't be a complete discomfort. For the deluxe suits we can also embed piping lines for internal water cooling for extended wear!

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Electronics and things that move!

We are also nerds!

We love our electronics and gadgets. Mindwave brain powered prosthetics, Arduino, Raspberry Pi.. steppers, drivers, bucks, sensors.. LED mods.. besides building most of our machines ourselves we also are heaviliy into open source robotics.

We are located in Australia, International customers please take shipping costs into account.



We have been designing cosplay items since 2011, please take a look below at some of the brilliant work by makers below built from our designs:


Pink Episode 7 Storm Trooper  - Complete Female outfit.

Photo and Printed and finished by Dallas.R , 2016

Designed by Geoff Wicks, Hex3D



Death Trooper Helmet

Photo, Print and Finish by Burdie91, 2017

Designed by Geoff Wicks, Hex3D




Print and finish (Chromed) by Jason Senior, 2016

Designed by Geoff Wicks, Hex3D



Emperor's Guard Helmet

Print and finish by M. Baddeley

Designed by Geoff Wicks, Hex3D



Captain Phasma Helmet

Print and Finish by Grindeddown

Design by Geoff Wicks, Hex3D


Storm Trooper Helmets!

By far our most popular design so far with over 100 helmets printed..

Please click this link to check some of them out!


Some new Designs just released: